POSOlSoft.Azure.ServiceManagement free .NET library






POSOlSoft.Azure.ServiceManagement, version 2.3.0

Windows Azure Managed Library does not contain API for Windows Azure Service Management (WASM).

POSOlSoft.Azure.ServiceManagement library implements .NET wrapper for Windows Azure Service Management REST API (except the Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks operations).

Main entry point static classes of the library are:
OperationsApi - its methods return HttpWebResponse instances intended for the further processing;
Operations - its methods return instances of WASMResponse.Base-derived classes containing properties corresponding to the XML elements of the WASM HTTP responses.

All available classes and their members are described in the included help file.

POSOlSoft.Azure.ServiceManagement library requires at least .NET 4 Client Profile and is free.

Download POSOlSoft.Azure.ServiceManagement, version 2.3.0

Version history (main changes)

2.3.0 : 19.12.2012
+ operations on Virtual Networks are implemented
+ OperationsExtra class moved into POSOlSoft.Azure.Misc library
* WASMResponse.Body property is now of type XDocument

2.1.0 : 4.12.2012
+ operations for Traffic Manager are implemented
* methods of Operations class that correspond to WASM operations that return empty response body now return instances of WASMResponse.Base class

2.0.0 : 25.10.2012
+ all operations corresponding to 2012-03-01 version of WASM API are implemented (except the following operations: Traffic Manager, Virtual Machines, Virtual Machine Images, Virtual Machine Disks, Virtual Networks, Virtual Network Gateways)
* all Response-classes moved into wrapper class WASMResponse

1.0.0 : 29.11.2011
+ first public release